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Assessment Details

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The Return Assessment Details dialog allows you to record details from the Notice of Assessment (NOA) issued by the ATO and to prepare the covering letter to accompany the NOA to be sent to the client. It also allows you to compare the tax payable/refund due amount on the NOA to the amount calculated in the [F4] estimate.

With the release of 2011.2 a Note section was added to the bottom of the dialog so that reminders or any other particular information regarding the client's tax position may be appended where required. Refer to Dataonthisdialog.

When a batch of NOAs arrives from the ATO, you do not have to sort them into any particular order to prepare letters as the existing details for the return are only displayed once you enter the TFN from the NOA.

To process a NOA
  1. Click Preparation > Assessment details.

  2. At Enter TFN: type the TFN of the first NOA to be processed or click the ellipsis and select the TFN from those listed. Click Enter.

  3. Tax displays the relevant balances in the This Year – Assessed fields ready for data entry. For information on the Assessment Details refer to Dataonthisdialog below.

  4. (Series 6 & 8) To manually adjust the Status of the current return, click Update Status, adjust the status and click OK.

  5. (AE) If you use Tax Tracking or Status levels to monitor work in progress, update those details BEFORE you save the Assessment details. To do this, click Update Status or [Alt+S], adjust the status of the current return and click OK.

  6. Click OK or [F6] to save the details for the current return. On saving the details for each return, Tax builds a file for printing in the same order as the TFNs are entered. This intends to simplify the process of reviewing and signing the assessment letters prior to posting to your clients.

  7. The process restarts at Enter TFN: field ready for the TFN of the next NOA to be entered. If you have no further NOAs to process leave the Enter TFN: field blank, and select OK, [F6] or Cancel.

  8. At the prompt Have you finished entering assessments? answer Yes to continue.

  9. On the Print Letter Options dialog select the type of letter to be printed. You will be offered Use Word Letters and Use Text Letters.

    • For MYOB AE, Use Word Letters is if Tax supported by SQL database and this will be in addition to the Use Text letters option.

  10. From the list of letters make a selection and click OK to start printing.

Data on this dialog
  • Enter TFN - You must key a TFN for any details to default to this dialog and Assessment details field to open to data entry. If you want to enter the details for one client only, click [Enter] at the field – the cursor will be on the return highlighted in the Select Return Index and you need only click [Enter] for those details to be pre-filled.

  • Last Year - Assessed - These details cannot be edited as they have either rolled over from the previous year or the information has been keyed by the user in the Return Properties > PAYG/Lodge Tab.

  • This Year - Estimate - These details cannot be edited as they have been passed from the Calculator during the preparation of the [F4] Estimate.

  • This Year - Assessed - Enter details from the NOA.

  • Total tax/refund - This is the amount displayed at Label L - Balance of this Assessment on the NOA. If there are amounts in the This-Year estimate field, when you click into this field, that value will be pre-filled. If it is in agreement with the NOA value, continue. Otherwise investigate the difference in case it is necessary to apply for an Amended assessment. If you are keying a value at this field for a refund, key a negative (-) before the amount.

  • Assessment number - This is the number found on the top right hand corner of the NOA - Sequence Number.

  • Date Assessment received - This date the Practice received the NOA. In Series 6 & 8, for income years 2007 and later this date is displayed on the Tax Status tab of the Client’s Matter window.

  • Issue Date - This is the date displayed at the top right hand corner of the NOA - Date of Issue. Enter the date in the format DD-MM-CCYY. A warning message will be displayed if you have entered an invalid date.

  • Date primary tax payable - This is the date displayed in the statement This amount is payable by.... Enter the date in the format DD-MM-CCYY. A warning message will be displayed if you enter an invalid date.

  • Amendment no - If you are entering the details of an Amended Assessment, enter the number of the amendment (1 if this is the only Amendment made and lodged) for this return.

    The maximum number of amendments possible for a return is 9.

  • Previous Assessment - This is only relevant if you have applied for an Amended Assessment and have lodged at least one Amended returns for the client:

    1. Key the number of the Amendment

    2. click on this button to view one previous Assessment details or if you have amended the return more than once, an Index of those prior assessment details are displayed.

  • Note - This Note is used so that reminders or any other particular information regarding the client's tax position may be appended where required. The Note button becomes active when a return's details have been selected. Type the contents of the Note and [F6] to save and display the Note.

    This Note may be printed using Reports > Print Notes. As it may contain information specific to the Practice it will not be included when you print the Return and its accompanying Schedules and Notes.

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