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Completing forms and schedules

The steps for processing returns involves
  1. Preparing.

  2. Finalising data entry and validating. Refer to Interactive Validation Summary [F3] and Error Log.

  3. Obtaining the ELD signed by the taxpayer.

  4. Completing.

  5. Tagging for ELS.

  6. Outputting tagged returns.

  7. Connecting to the ATO immediately, refer to Connection or connecting to the ATO at a predefined time - ELS may be pre-set to connect automatically out of business hours, when the CEGs are less busy, to lodge all returns tagged during the day. An unattended connection is established under Lodgment Setup refer to Security for ELS Agent transmitting returns for lodgment (performed automatically by Tax).

  8. Receiving ATO reports, optional (performed automatically by Tax) disconnecting after waiting a set time for ATO reports to begin being received (performed automatically by Tax). Interpreting the Last Transmission Result screen - if errors occurred, preview or print the Comms Log as you may need to forward it to MYOB or the ATO. The next time you connect to the ATO, the Comms log will be overwritten.

  9. Downloading ATO reports received from the List ATO Reports - these include Transmission reports, ELS Validation ATO Bulletins, and solicited or unsolicited reports such as Client Lists Due Lodgment requested on a Agent Request Form RR lodged in previous transmission.

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