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Capital works deductions worksheet (sbw)

Capital works deductions index

The index list displays sufficient information about each capital expense to identify it, based on the data entered in the worksheet.

To open the Capital Works Deductions Index

Click PreparationSchedule > Capital Works Expenses


Press [Alt+S] at any of the items or labels to which this schedule integrates:

  • C Form: Item 7, Label I
  • F and MS Forms: Deductions Item 11 Label D
  • P and T Forms: Item 5
  • Schedule B (Business Income)

  • Schedule C (Primary Production Income) and

  • Rental Schedules (B and BR)

Field nameDescription
ItemThis refers to the identity number for each building or capital improvement to it. The field will allow any number between 1 and 99999.
IntegrationProvides the code for the schedule or worksheet to which the write-off value will integrate. Refer to Capital works deduction integration.
AmountIs the amount for the current year write-off calculated for this particular item? This amount is recalculated automatically each year during the year-end roll over procedure when Closing balances are moved to Opening balances.
DescriptionAllows up to 36 characters for a description of the building or capital improvement.
Button nameDescription
Properties If there are existing entries in the Index, clicking on Properties opens the worksheet for that item. Refer to Capital works expense item worksheet.
NewSelecting New will open a blank worksheet for recording the details of the new building or structural improvement expense.
DeleteTo remove an entry from the Index, move the cursor to the entry or click on it and select Delete.
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