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Item D1 - Work related car expenses

Click this link for information on Item D1 Work related car expenses on the ATO website.

Label A - Work related car expenses

Did the taxpayer have any car expenses relating to work as an employee?


If you use the Motor vehicle worksheet (mve), the optimum method of claiming will be calculated by the worksheet and the relevant action code integrated to the main return at label A. The selection made by the application may be overwritten if desired. Refer to Motor vehicle worksheet (mve) for more information. 

Any depreciation expenses relevant to D1 integrate from the depreciation worksheet (d). Refer to Depreciation worksheet (d).

Action code

If an action code is present, an amount must be entered.

If you are required to submit schedule W for work related deductions over $300, press [Alt+S] to open the Work related expenses schedule (W). If the Motor vehicle worksheet (mve) has been completed the details entered in it will default to the Schedule W. Refer to Work related expenses - ATO Schedule (W).

Special rules apply for taxpayers in the Simplified Tax System.

CCH References

16-310 Deductible motor vehicle expenses

16-320 Substantiation rules for car expenses

16-340 The logbook method and obtaining written evidence of car expenses

16-370 Cents per kilometre method for substantiating car expenses

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