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Item D4 - Work related self-education expenses

Click this link for information on Item D4 Work related self-education expenses on the ATO website.

Label D - Work related self-education expenses

Use the Self-Education Expenses worksheet (sed) to record all details and to have the correct deduction amount integrated to label D together with the correct action code. Refer to Work-related self-education Expenses worksheet (sed).

Self-education expenses to be shown at this item are expenses incurred when a taxpayer undertakes a work-related course to obtain formal qualification from a school, college, university or other place of education.

Depreciation expenses relevant to D4 integrate from the depreciation worksheet (d).

The taxpayer can only claim self-education expenses that related to his/her work as an employee at the time he/she was studying. The deduction cannot be claimed if the self-education was undertaken in order to get a new job or commence a new income earning activity.

$250 deduction

To complete this item, you must add up your self-education expenses under different categories because, in working out what you can claim, certain costs are reduced by $250.

Use the MYOB Tax Self-Education Expenses worksheet (sed) to have these expenses dealt with correctly and the $250 reduction applied as required.

CCH References

16-450 Deduction for self-education expenses

16-460 Limit on self-education expenses deduction 

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