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Item D8 - Dividend deductions

Click this link for information on Item D8 Dividend deductions on the ATO website.

This question is about expenses you incurred in earning any dividend and similar investment income declared at this item.

Label H - Dividend deductions

Dividend deductions worksheet (ddd)

Use the Dividend deduction worksheet (ddd) to record these deductions. This worksheet also contains any amounts integrated from the Motor Vehicle worksheet (mve), the Depreciation worksheet (d), and has direct integration from the ATO Interest and dividends deductions schedule (BJ) if there was a requirement to complete that schedule because the total deductions for both Interest income and Dividends received exceeded $4,999. Refer to Gross dividends worksheet (div).

Taxation of Financial Affairs (TOFA)

If you have elected to have the taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) rules apply to your tax affairs, before you complete your tax return and this item, see Taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) on the ATO website.

You cannot have dividend deductions if there is no dividend income at item 11.

Interest and Dividend Deductions schedule (BJ)

Where the amount of interest and dividend deductions exceeds $4999, and the return is to be lodged electronically, the ATO requires a Schedule BJ to be completed to itemise each interest and dividend deduction making up the claim. Refer to Interest and Dividend Deductions (BJ).

CCH References

16-660 Expenses in deriving investment income

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