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Other Work Related Expenses worksheet (pwe)

There is an integration point in the Other work related expenses grid Amount from prefill report.

The ATO Pre-fill Report includes Union fees and this amount will be pre-filled to the new worksheet pwe to be included in the Total amount to be shown at D5 label E.

Entering on the Amount from prefill report field opens the new pwe worksheet. The fields in the worksheet are only filled from the ATO Pre-fill Report.

If you would prefer not to use the pre-filled data, delete the worksheet from the Preparation > Delete Schedules index and highlighting the pwe worksheet. See Deleting Schedules for more information.

Tax Pre-fill

This schedule can be pre-filled using the Pre-fill Manager. The Pre-fill Manager enables you to download pre-fill reports for clients using the Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS). You can view these reports in PDF format, and populate the pre-fill information into the client's Tax return. For more information on pre-filling, see Pre-fill Manager.

Tax Pre-fill is dependant on available ATO data. Validate the Tax return by pressing [F3] for a list of the imported values and any errors before lodgment.

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