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Pool Properties

Were you looking for information on Software Development Pools? See Software Development Pool (5 year).

There are two tabs in the Pool Properties window:

Details tab

When you select to create a Pool, details of the Pool need to be established and integration to the tax return either directly or via another worksheet needs to be established. For example, in the Individual tax return, integration of a Low Value Pool (LVP) may be to Item D6 or to the Reconciliation worksheet (Schedule A).

The fields that are greyed out are either not applicable to the Pool type or are values calculated by Tax.

NumberIf this is the first pool, the number 1 will be defaulted to this field. If you create more than one pool, number them in sequence.

Select the type of pool from the list. Each return can have one only of the following pool types:

  • Low Value Pool (LVP)

  • Software Development Pool (SDP)

  • General Small Business Pool (SBE)


Once a Pool type has been selected, it is removed from the list of Pools that may be created.


Description Enter a description of the pool. For AE and Series 6 & 8, click [F7] to select a Standard answer, or type the description.
Adjustable value (OWDV) Enter the opening adjustable value of the Pool. Once entered, the value of the pool will be managed by Tax and the Closing balance rolled over each year to become the opening adjustable value of the pool in the next year.
Method This field is only open to edit where the Pool type is Software Development. If this is not the first year in the life of the Pool, enter the relevant year or select a number between 2 and 4 from the list.
Primary production proportion Where the Pool contains assets used for both Primary Production and Non-Primary Production business purposes, Tax needs to know the percentage use for PP Income activities. This field is only enabled when the pool type is LVP or Software Development.

Integration Tab

This function allows you to indicate the point in the return or another worksheet, that the amount calculated should be integrated. Press [F10] and select from the list of forms and schedules.

The integration points provided are relevant to the form type being prepared.

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