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SR Data Access Layer

Accountants Enterprise only

In broad terms, the system is able to access and manipulate data in SQL and CFS databases. The SRDAL is used for SQL databases.

The SRDAL is a service managed generically via the Service Manager by users within the Administrator’s group. For convenience, a control panel applet (CPL) which supports some specific management functions is installed.

Files installed

The SRDAL executable file (SRDAL.EXE) defaults to the \Program Files\MYOB\SRDAL folder during installation.

It is recommended that SRDAL and SQL are installed on the same server.

Caching and message queue parameters

The Control Panel applet (CPL) has a tab to allow manipulation of the caching parameters and message queue size. These can only be changed when the SRDAL is not running. These parameters should only be altered with advice from Support.

SRDAL is installed by default to start automatically at system boot. This can be changed using the Services Manager.

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