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Parameter Tables

Not available in Accountants Office

The default current and next year parameter tables are established in the Control Record in Tax Calculator.

The parameter tables are used for recording all general income tax rates and rebate/offset thresholds (resident and non-resident), for the current and subsequent year.

The default Master Tax Tables are used for the purpose of producing a Tax Estimate that will accord with the Notice of Assessment issued from the Tax Office.

The Master Tables may ONLY be edited where Legislation has been passed that increases or decreases a rate or threshold during the year and you have not received a Tax Update. You will be advised by MYOB Support in a step-by-step instruction to edit particular amounts should this be necessary.

How to access the Index of Parameter Tables
  • From Tax select Maintenance > Tax Rates > Tax Calculator Tables or

  • From the Tax Calculator select Maintenance > Parameter Tables.
    From the Parameter Tables index, you may:

    • Edit the details of existing parameter tables. Highlight the required parameter table and click Properties. Refer to Parameter Tables Properties.

    • Add new parameter tables. Click New. Refer to Parameter Tables Properties.

    • Delete any unwanted parameter tables. Highlight on the required parameter table and click Delete. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes, or cancel the process by clicking No. A parameter table which is being used by any calculation cannot be deleted.

    • Exit from the index. Click Cancel.

    • Copy parameter tables. Highlight the parameter table to be copied and click Copy. Refer to Copying Parameter Tables.
      You are prompted to save the existing parameter table under a new name and in this manner, create a new one.

  • List the index of parameter tables to screen preview, printer or print to file. Click List to display the Print screen. The listing provides the year and the description of the parameter table.

  • Print all or some details of a specific parameter table. Highlight the required table and click Print. Refer to Print Parameter Tables.

  • Search and Replace a parameter table with a different table.
    Click Auto change. Refer to AutoChange for more information.

  • Update from Master: Selecting this option will replace the highlighted parameter table with the Master table. Generally, this would only need to be done if someone had inadvertently changed or deleted something in the Master table and the Estimates being produced in Tax were incorrect.

The Master Table should only ever be changed by a user if legislation has introduced new rates or thresholds and you have not received a software update from MYOB and have been instructed by MYOB Support to change a table.

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