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Integration Details

Accountants Enterprise only

This Control Record tab carries the details of ledgers integrated to Central Database.


If you integrate your client data between the Framework and Tax then Control Module is selected and the Control Database is identified. You are prevented from changing these settings. Also the radio button will read ‘Plus’ and it is inactive.


This option must be checked if you require integration between your Tax ledger and your Practice Manager ledger. This option will be set by your MYOB consultant.

PMA / TAX / CT LedgersEnter the client code of the PMA/TAX/CT ledgers that integrate with Central Database. Click [F10] at each prompt or select the ellipse for the list of available ledgers. The list of ledgers appears alphabetically by its client code. It is extremely important that the correct ledger code is selected. See Integrated Tax Ledger.
Other1 / Other2These allow you to nominate other ledgers to integrate to Central Database. As there is no browse you must key in the exact codes for the relevant ledgers.
TypeThese fields are active if you enter a code in the Other fields.
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