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Add an Event

Accountants Enterprise only

An Event is a task or process that can be broken down into Steps.

An example of an Event is meeting the lodgment requirements for the practice. It will consist of steps such as preparing, reviewing and lodging a tax return.

To add a new Event to Tax Tracking
  1. Open the Event Browser.

  2. Select File > New.

  3. Enter an Event Code into the Event field.

  4. Enter an Event Date in the Date field.

  5. Enter a detailed description of the Event in the Description field.
    The Event Code, Event Date and Description are displayed in the Event Browser.

  6. Click OK to save and close the Event properties dialog.
    Alternatively, click the Apply button to save the changes and add Steps to the Event via the Steps tab.

  7. Enter an Event Code into the Event field.

Event Code

The Event Code is a ten character field used to describe the Event.

Events used to track the lodgments of income tax returns should take the form TAxx where xx represents the last two digits of the year.

For example, the Event used to track:

  • the 2018 Income Tax Return lodgments would be TA18,

  • the 2017 Income Tax Return lodgments would be TA17,

  • the 2016 Income Tax Return lodgments would be TA16, and so on.

Event Date

The Event Date is the date the Event begins. This date may be selected in the control record as the date which steps are measured from.


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