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Adding or editing a letter layout in Tax Tracking

AE Tax only

This dialog allows you to enter the identity details of a new letter layout that you are creating or to change the identity details of a letter you have copied from the master set.

To select the Letter Writing option
  1. Click MaintenanceLetter Writing > Index Master Letters.

  2. On the Preview/Print screen select screen preview, printer or print to file.

  3. Click [Enter].

  4. The Format code allows you to restrict the entries listed by matching against a mask that you enter. Alternatively, click [Enter] to list all the entries.

  5. If you wish to see only a specific list of master letters, enter the codes of the first and last master letter to be viewed. Only the letters in between the range of the specific codes entered are displayed.

  6. A mask facility also appears where you have the choice of entering features for specific access to data.

  7. The index of master letters now prints in the manner you selected.

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