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Amending Lodged Returns

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When a return has been lodged the return details are read only. Assessment and lodgment details may still be edited.

Using the Amend function, a lodged Income or Fringe Benefits Tax Return may be changed and then lodged via PLS.

When an amended return is created the original return is retained under an altered code.

In Tax years prior to 2011, you can only amend and lodge individual tax returns via PLS. Amendments for Partnership, Trust, Company and Fund returns for these years need to be lodged via paper format.

From 2011 onwards you can amend and lodge all entity type tax returns via PLS.

To amend tax returns of the type - EI, EC, EF, EP, ET, MS
  1. With the lodged return open select the Amend icon

    . In MYOB AE, you can also click Preparation > Amend Return.

  2. The Confirm Lodgment Details dialog will have the relevant boxes ticked if the return was lodged from this Tax ledger. For full details of this dialog, refer to Confirm Lodgment details dialog.

  3. Click OK.

  4. The Amend Return: Return Details window shows that Tax will append ‘0’ to the code of the lodged return and add a copy it for editing. Tax will create and open the new copy of the return ready for you to make your changes.

  5. Click OK.

  6. For your amended return you need to prepare an Amendment schedule:

    1. Edit the changes.

    2. Click PreparationSchedule > Amendment details (amd).

    3. Select Amendment type indicator.

    4. Key the reason for this amendment.

  7. Validate the Return [F3] and set it to a status of Complete.

  8. The Amended return is now ready to lodge.

To amend FBT returns
  1. With your client’s income tax return open, click PreparationSchedule > Fringe Benefits Tax Return (EB). If the FBT return has a status of lodged, the Amend icon

     will be active.

  2. To continue at the prompt select Yes.

  3. Tax creates and opens a new copy of the FBT return. In the return:

    1. Select Amendment type indicator.

    2. Key the Reason for amendment.

    3. Key your changes to the return as required.

  4. Validate the Return [F3] and set it to a status of Complete.

  5. The Amended return is now ready to lodge.

About amending Returns

  • Most Front Cover Details may not be edited. Do not use the Amendment procedure to change these details. For Front Cover Names and Addresses changes, do NOT amend the return.

    You need to lodge a CU form.

    (For MYOB AE, this applies to Practice Manager users.)
    Front Cover Details that are changed separately from a return will flow through to that return when it is opened. If this occurs when the return is opened for amended, the Front Cover changes will be transmitted to the ATO. However, the changes will not be used in processing the amendment nor will they update ATO records.

  • Schedules lodged with the original return may be amended.

  • Additional or new schedules may be added to an amended return.

  • Each amended Income tax return requires the preparation of an Amendment details schedule (amd) giving the reasons for the amendment. When amending an FBT return the reasons for the amendment are entered into the return.

  • Do NOT amend a return simply to change EFT details. If the only change to the return relates to the EFT phone the ATO 137286 Fast Key Code 1351. If there are other changes in addition to EFT changes to be made, then both changes to the income tax return and the EFT details may be included in the Amendment.

  • An amendment can be lodged electronically when the original was lodged manually or was not lodged from your Tax Ledger.

  • (AO) The Year End Procedures will only bring forward to the next year's tax ledger the latest Amended return.

  • (AE, Series 6 & 8) The Year End Procedures (front cover year end, lodgment year end and retain schedule data routines) will only bring forward to the next year's tax ledger the latest Amended return.

  • Up to 9 amendments may be lodged.

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