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Applying Mark-ups to Tax Returns

Not available in Accountants Office

Adding Mark-up to a tax return before emailing it to a client or saving it to MYOB Document Manager. For example, the Mark-up image may state, Sign Here.

To add a markup
  1. After printing to MYOB PDF Manager, open the Source Documents tab and sort the Tax Return, apply watermarks and security settings as required.

  2. Click the Document Mark Up tab.

  3. Scroll through the tax return to where the Sign Here mark-up will be placed.

  4. Click the Stamp 

    to open the list of images.

  5. Double click the bitmap, SignHere.bmp to paste it into the document.
  6. The image can be modified:

    1. Drag the Sign Here image to the preferred position

    2. Drag the Sign Here image to resize it.

    3. Double click the image then type note details inside the text box.

    4. Click outside the image area when finished.
  7. Save the document to MYOB Document Manager or email it to the client.

Appearance of the Mark up

Not available in Accountants Office

To change the fill and line colours, opacity, and other appearance values
  1. Right click the object and select Properties.

  2. Open the Appearance tab Make the changes.

  3. Click Close to save those changes.

Printing a marked up document

Not available in Accountants Office

To include or exclude the mark up and stamps when printing a document
  1. Open the PDF document.

  2. Click File > Print.

  3. Click the arrow at the Comments and Forms field and select:

    • Document

    • Document and Markups

    • Document and Stamps

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