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Assessment Summary

Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

For return record selection, this report lists the estimated, assessed and last year's primary tax.

To prepare the Assessment Summary
  1. Click PreparationCalculation > Assessment Summary. The Record Selection window displays.

  2. To accept the defaults, click Enter twice. Otherwise, select the sequence and range for the report; the default range is from first to last. Read: Record Selection for more information.

  3. Preview/Print the report. See How to Preview a Report.


In the assessment summary there are three categories:

Estimated: This is what Tax calculates as the estimated tax payable/refundable based on ATO guidelines.

Assessed: This is the assessed tax payable/refundable entered in the assessment details screen, that is, the ATO assessed tax payable/refundable.

Variance: This is the percentage variance between this year and last year.

Last Year: This is the previous year's assessed tax payable/refundable entered in the assessment details screen.

Taxable income: This is the taxable income as recorded in the lodged income tax return.

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