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Australian annuities payment summary (aap)

As per the ATO's requirements, Australian annuities payment summary (aap) worksheet has been separated from the Australian superannuation income streams worksheet (asi). These changes are made to report the non-superannuation annuities and superannuation annuities in two different worksheets.

Australian annuities (also called non-superannuation annuities) are paid to you by Australian life insurance companies and friendly societies.

Accessing the aap worksheet

To open the aap worksheet:

  • Click label J or N at Item 7 - Australian annuities and super income stream. The Australian superannuation income stream payments worksheet opens.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the worksheet and select Y at Quick access to Australian annuities schedule.
  • Select Preparation > Schedule > Australian annuities payment summaries.
  • Go to Preparation > Schedule > Income details schedule > Enter Y at Section H - Australian annuities payment summaries.

You can use the ATO Pre-fill to download reports and check what the ATO has received from the employer. See What data pre-fills into Tax?

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