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Australian superannuation income streams worksheet (asi)


The Australian superannuation income streams worksheet has been revised and the annuities payment is a separate worksheet called Australian annuities payment summary (aap) worksheet.

  • Complete the individual return items:
    • Item 7: Australian superannuation income streams
    • T2: Australian superannuation income stream (tax offset)
  • the trust return item:
    • 14: Other Australian income in the Trust return for deceased estates.
To complete the Australian superannuation income stream worksheet (asi)

You can have more than one asi worksheet. Complete a new one for each Payment summary received from a different fund.

  1. Enter the payers name and ABN.
  2. Answer the question - Are you under 60 years of age and a death benefit dependent where the deceased died at 60 years or over?
  3. Enter the payment period start and end date.
  4. Enter total tax withheld.
  5. Complete the relevant section in the worksheet, including the lump sum in arrears - Taxable component and a breakdown of the lump sum details.
  6. When you close the worksheet, we'll pass the sum of the amounts to from all asi worksheets to item 7: labels J and N.

To claim any offset entitlement in relation to your Australian superannuation income stream payment, complete the Annuity and Super Income Stream Offset (pen) worksheet at item T2.

Superannuation lump sum in arrears

A separate section is provided for Superannuation Lump sums in arrears (LSIA) payments.

Enter lump sum in arrears amounts for taxed, untaxed and tax-free elements as shown on the payment summary, received when you were under 60 years of age.

When you close the worksheet we'll pass the amount to item 7 label Y.

MYOB Tax does not currently support the calculation of the LSIA offset. If there is such a payment, you will need to inform the ATO by completing the Other Attachments (AO) schedule. Use the Quick Access point to open the OA.

The ATO calculate any LSIA offset and include it the Notice of Assessment.

If you've calculated it yourself, enter it in the special field provided in the client's Return Properties > Estimate > Income Arrears Rebate. In this way, the F4 estimate will agree with the NoA.

ATO pre-fill

If you download the ATO pre-fill report, we'll pre-fill this worksheet using the Pre-fill manager.

Pre-fill is dependent on data available at the ATO at the time. This means that very early in the current income year, this information might not be complete. It can act as a guide for checking with your client at the time you're preparing the return.

You can:

  • download pre-fill reports for clients via PLS
  • view these reports in PDF format and then populate the pre-fill information into your client's tax return
  • press F3 to validate the return produces a list of the imported values as well as any errors it detects before completion and lodgment.
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