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Calculation Properties

Not available in Accountants Office

When a newly created calculation is opened for the first time, the Calculation Profile screen is displayed and ready for data entry of the Return code. When editing (or copying) the properties of an existing calculation, select Edit to move to the Return code.

  • Return Code: Click [F10] and select from the list of return codes in the ledger. By selecting the return code and electing to pre-fill this calculation with the values entered in the return in the Tax Ledger.
  • To create a standalone calculation, enter a return code or bypass the code by simply clicking [Enter]. The calculation will be set up as a What-if calculation, that is, a scenario unattached to a return. More than one such calculation may be prepared for the same taxpayer by this method.
  • Type: The type of form is derived from the Tax return selected or for a What-if calculation, do not enter a code and select either Individual or Trust as the type of form
  • Client Code: The code for the client is derived from the Tax return selected or for a What-if calculation the client code will be bypassed.
  • Year: The income year is derived from the Tax return selected or for a What-if calculation the year will be derived from the Control Record that is meaningful to the user.
  • Description: The description will be the name of the return selected from Tax or for a What-if Calculation enter a description.

Parameter Tables

The two options offered, Current (or primary) and Next Year (PAYG), refer to Parameter Tables. One of these parameter tables must be selected for use in the calculation. When either is activated, the Select Parameter Table index is displayed, listing all the parameter tables in your Tax Calculator ledger.

The Select Parameter Table index opens the same screen as clicking Maintenance > Parameter Tables.


The Contacts option is used for accessing the Contact Details relating to the client (taxpayer's name) and can be viewed if pre-filled from Tax. The Contacts information pre-filled from Tax may be edited. Refer to Contact Details.


The Pre-Fill option is used to import details and amounts from a tax return in the Tax Ledger or data base. All details and amount will be imported to the corresponding fields and dialogs in the calculation scenario.

If opening an existing calculation, and wanting to update the calculation with the most recent data entered into the tax return to which the calculation corresponds, select Calculation Profile > Pre-Fill.

The system will warn that this data will be over-written should you proceed.

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