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Client Correspondence Preferences (schedule Z)

The ATO no longer accepts this form via PLS. So you'll not be able to lodge this form in MYOB Tax.

The Correspondence Preferences set up for a particular Return apply to this RETURN only.

A schedule Z is generated when the Agent changes the Correspondence Preferences for a taxpayer by changing the Return Properties then selects Lodge CP form the Control Record.

General Rules

A schedule Z must be completed for each specific client that has a Correspondence Preferences that differs from the Practice norm. To identify the client an ABN and/or TFN will be required.

A maximum of 50 schedules Z are permitted at any one time.

Activity Statement Correspondence

The Agent may have some clients who handle their own Activity Statement requirements and others for whom he performs this task. The agent directs the ATO to distribute the relevant Activity Statement information appropriately by setting the Correspondence Preferences on the Return Properties for specific clients.

In the case of Activity Statement correspondence it is necessary to update the activity statement details by lodging a Client update form (CU) with the ATO prior to the creation of a Client Preference.

Creating Schedule Z for the Return

In preparation for transmitting this change in client preferences to the ATO, you must click Lodge CP form from the Correspondence Preferences tab found on Control Record for Practice.

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