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Accountants Enterprise only

The Contact Browser lists the code type status and name for all your Contacts. The General Tab is used to record identifiers for retrieving your Contacts. Contacts may be an individual or entity, client or employee.

Practice Manager users add clients in PM. Select Contacts > New > Client and run the Create Client/Contact wizard.

How to add/edit Contacts
  1. Select Maintenance > Clients or Maintenance > Employees.

  2. Highlight the required entry and click [Enter], or right-click and select Properties. The Contact Properties screen is displayed.

Data entry

Data entry is provided appropriately depending on whether your Contact is an individual or an entity and on what Contact type is selected:

  • prospect,

  • client,

  • creditor,

  • both prospect and creditor,

  • other, or

  • employee.

Clients are the chargeable entities for a group of returns. The client code refers to the family code or charge code used in a practice.

If you integrate your client data from PMA, clients must be added through PMA. Otherwise, a message displays informing you that client maintenance is performed through PMA.

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