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Control Record in TTS

Accountants Enterprise only

The Control Record contains information pertaining to the practice. These details are used in various parts of the Tax Tracking System.

To open the Control Record
  1. Select Utilities > Control record .... The Control Record dialog opens.
    The Practice details default from the Tax. These details will appear via reports.
    The Totals section displays a count of the Number of Events and Steps recorded in the system.

  2. In the Follow-up date default from field choose either the Event Date or Step option. The follow-up date will be based on:

    • the date the return reaches the Step, plus the Step duration, when you select the Step option or

    • the Event dates plus the Step duration, when you select the Event Date option
  3. Ticking the Generate Steps from Tax Status Levels checkbox generates steps based on the Status Levels in Tax.
    Steps using this method need to be edited to complete these details:
    • Step Date,
    • Step Duration,
    • Next Step, and
    • to set the Amount Required flag and
    • the Retain History flag.
  4. Click OK to save any changes and return to the browser.


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