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Details Recorded for a Contact

Accountants Enterprise only

CodeA ten character alphanumeric field. If you are integrated with PMA and the contact you are adding is an Employee, the code length is eight characters. Enter a code for the contact you are adding. Codes should be unique for each contact and they should be consistent so as to ease searching. For example, personal contacts may be coded using the first letters of the surname and the first letter of the given name.
Alt codeThis represents an alternate code for a contact should you decide to change the method of sequencing in the Names window. This code corresponds to the alpha code used for clients in Practice Management Accounting (PMA).
NameThis field is not available.
TypeThis refers to the contact type to be assigned to the contact. Press [F10] to display a pick-list of contact types. For example; a contact may be a prospect, client, creditor, both client and creditor, other or an employee.
IndividualIf the contact you are dealing with is an Details for Individual/Employee, enter [Y] here, otherwise enter [N]. If you selected the contact type of employee in the previous field, the answer [Y] defaults to this field.
ClosedIf the record of the contact you are working on is no longer active, enter [Y] here. If you enter [Y], focus shifts to the Date Closed field, where you enter the date when the record was terminated in the format DD-MM-CCYY. If it is still active, enter [N] here.
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