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The Contacts Browser

Accountants Enterprise only

By default the Browser list is in ascending order by Code.

The data recorded when creating contacts includes:

The Browser lists the Names for your clients that are maintained on the Client’s page Main tab. When the list of your clients is open as a picklist double click an entry to select it. To back out of the picklist without making a selection press [Esc].

The column widths may be altered by drag and drop. The contacts may be sorted in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading that shows the direction arrow. To customise the content of the browser refer to Adjust View.

The Contacts may include:

  • Clients,

  • Creditors,

  • Prospects,

  • Both Creditor & Client,

  • Employees

  • Other

Sort Views Toolbar

Sort views allow you to change the content and order of your list of contacts. There are two types of Sort Views icons:

  • Preset Sort Views shown as green icons and

  • Personalised Sort Views shown in yellow.

For example:

  • select the Alternate sort view icon (green) so that the browser is ordered by the Alternate code for each contact. Click on the Alt code column heading to rearrange in ascending or descending order. When you select a preset (or default) sort view, other than Code, the columns shown are Code or Alpha, Type, Status and Name.

  • to show only employees, click on the Employee icon. When you select a personalised sort view the columns shown are Value, Type, Status and Name.

You may need to scroll up and down scroll through the Sort views icons to access those you want to use.

F10 options

Press the [F10] or right click for these options:

  • New - Quick Add Wizard to the database.

  • Delete - This option allows you to delete a single contact from the index.

  • Modify view - This applies when the contact list is arranged in Code sequence.

  • List - This option provides a report to either screen, printer or disk and contains the details as shown on the index. When the index view is altered, the list output reflects the change.

  • Properties - Display the Details Recorded for a Contact highlighted.

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