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ELS Validations

If you lodge a return via ELS the ATO will validate the return. For each return found to be invalid, a Validation Report is generated providing the full name and description of the validations with the information lodged for each ELS tag involved.

Click this link for more information about the Electronic lodgment service (ELS).

View the following MYOB training video explaining how to resolve validation errors:


Acknowledgment of Commonwealth of Australia copyright:

The ELS edit tests and explanations contained in this online help are used with the permission of the Australian Taxation Office. Copyright in those materials is retained by the Commonwealth of Australia

[F3] Validation

No income tax return may be marked ‘complete’ and thereafter lodged unless it has passed the [F3] ELS Validation process.

If your practice uses the ‘completion code’ functionality, the Completion code validation required checkbox on the Control Record Lodgment Tab must be ticked.

[F3] Validation may be performed at any time for the income tax return and the results are shown in an interactive Validation Summary dialog. ELS Validations are divided into two areas: ELS Warnings and Notes and ELS Edits (V Messages) as found.

To validate a return or form

To generate the interactive Validation Summary dialog:

  1. With the return, open click the [F3] Validation icon

  2. On the Validation Summary dialog click on the error or, click GoTo to move to the first of the relevant fields in the income tax return.

  3. Complete data entry as indicated by the validation error.

  4. Repeat the [F3] Validation until all errors are removed.

  5. If the return is valid, you are offered the option to Complete it in readiness for outputting and lodging via ELS. If required, the Validation summary may be printed.

Validation at the time of lodging a return

Once the client has signed the ELD lodgment of the return may commence. As part of the lodgment process the Tax application validates the return again. This is a precaution against a return that has remained Complete for some time becoming invalid because the Tax application has changed, either as an ATO requirement or as a result of reports by clients. An error log produced under this scenario is not interactive and the Tax application marks the return 'uncomplete' and available for edit. This Error log may be previewed or printed either at the time of generation or later by clicking LodgmentElectronic > Error log.

Validation Reports downloaded from the ATO

Validation Reports received from the ATO during an ELS Lodgment Session are available by clicking LodgmentElectronic > ELS Reports.

Once a Validation Report is previewed or printed:

  • if the return was accepted as Valid by the ATO, the Status of the return will automatically be updated to Lodged.

  • if the return was 'Rejected' on lodgment, Tax will mark the return as uncomplete. When you open the return and begin making changes to it, the status of the return will change from ‘rejected’ to ‘in progress’.

There is no direct access to [F1] online Help when viewing a Validation Report received from the ATO for a rejected return.

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