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Facsimile Preview and Print

Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

Facsimile Printing prepares tax returns and associated schedules suitable for over the counter lodgment. Facsimile Returns and Schedules are black and white representations of ATO pre-printed stationery without the logo. Each Facsimile return that may be lodged on paper with the ATO carries a registered number RN in the top right-hand corner:

  • To prepare a single PDF file of a valid return, all available active schedules, attachments and the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD) in the required order, refer to Tax Office Copy PDF Functionality.

    To use this wizard you will need to configure certain aspects of your Tax installation refer to PDF Encryption.

  • To print a PDF of part of a client’s return or a single schedule or note print the facsimile from in Reports > Print Return or Reports > Print Schedule.

    When using preview, any selection that does not have a facsimile is displayed in the standard preview screen. You need to close the standard preview screen to preview the PDF files in Acrobat.


To prepare a facsimile from the Print form screen
  1. Click Reports > Print Return.

  2. Select the options as required for the form to be prepared.

  3. Ensure you enter the number of copies to be printed for the Tax Office copy (facsimile).

  4. Click OK to continue.

  5. Select Print, or select Preview.

  6. The files open in Acrobat. From Acrobat Reader you have the features available in that product.

To print a facsimile of one or more schedules
  1. Click Reports > Print Schedule.

  2. Ensure you tick Facsimile printing.

  3. Select the Form or schedule to be printed.

  4. From the index Select the required schedule(s).

  5. Click OK.

    The index includes the main form currently open or (in MYOB AE) highlighted in the Return Index; schedules associated and lodged with it; and, those related to it but lodged separately.

  6. Click OK to continue.

  7. To print your facsimiles without preview, select Print. Alternatively, to preview in Acrobat, click Preview.

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