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Printing Returns

Users are able to create and store different types of printing requirements as part of a jobstream.

A series of print jobs may be set up to be used by the Practice as a whole and users also have the ability to establish their own print jobs via User Preferences > Defaults, and select F10 in the Print Job field.

When the user selects Reports > Print Return, the Print Form screen is presented.

Form Type: Select F10 to list all forms that are lodged independently of one another. The default will be the currently active form, for example, if the user has an activity statement open and elects to print it, activity statement will default to the Form type field. If printing is initiated from the Index of Returns, the Income Tax Return is pre-selected as the Form type.

Print Job: Select F10 to display the Print tax form options from where all maintenance of printing options is managed. Default print jobs have been provided and these may be edited to suit the Practice.

For information on the use of Print Job-streams refer to Print tax form options.

Copies: Enter the number of copies to be printed for each component for this print. The numbers entered apply for this print only and will take precedence over the number requested on the Print Options Copies Tab for the Print Job. For example, if the standard is to produce 1 copy of the return but this time you want to print 2 copies you would enter 2 on this screen. These selections will not be retained for future printing.

Printing an invoice with returns or forms

To print invoices with returns or forms
  1. Set up a print job that includes a number on the Copies tab against the Invoice component and select this print job each time you print returns or forms that require invoices, OR

    key the number of copies against the Invoice component as required each time you print returns or forms.

    If the number of copies against Invoice is blank no invoice will print.

  2. Select the Invoice Details button to adjust the details to appear on the invoice as required.

    Only the date details on the invoice are available to edit when printing more than one return.

  3. Select to print a single return, a range of returns or a batch of returns.


Return Selection


The user can select to print:

  • a single return.

  • a range of returns. By default, the entire ledger will be processed. The Record Selection screen allows you to restrict the print run by entering the codes of the first and last return in the range.

  • (AE, Series 6 & 8) a batch of returns. For information on selecting a batch of returns refer to Print Batch Index.

Button Bar

OK: To continue to the Preview/Print screen with the current selections select OK. Then select the output options for the report(s) and click [Enter] to continue.

Cancel: Exits the screen

Edit: Places the cursor in the first data entry field for no. of copies

Printer Set-up: Selecting this option allows you to select different printer Page Setup or an entirely different printer for different parts of the print job. The depreciation worksheet is a good example of where you might to select a landscape page setup, while ATO wide reports which take up a lot of paper might be directed to an older printer or a dot matrix printer.

For information on specifying printers refer to User Preference tabs - Return Print Setup customised for the user.

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