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Label Printing Options

Accountants Enterprise only

This option enables you to print many types of labels. Labels generally contain names and addresses, by the label content may be modified by editing the label layout within CDS Practice Letters.

Use layout: At this field, you may nominate the type of label layout to be printed. Click [F10] or the ellipsis to open the list of options. The Select Letter window appears. Select a label and click Select or press [Enter].


There are three radio buttons in this window:

  • User defined sequence,

  • System sequence

  • Batch sequence

Select one of these buttons by focusing on the preferred option and press [Enter].

There are two checkboxes in this window:

  • Include closed contacts

  • Suppress blank lines

You may select either or both of these checkboxes to do the following:

  • include any closed contacts in your listing or report by selecting the Include closed contacts checkbox;

  • suppress any blank lines printing in labels by selecting the Suppress blank lines checkbox.

Filter: At this 150 alphanumeric field, you may establish a condition so that letters will print only a specific set of contacts. For example, if you enter the condition D169 EQ 'Doctor', then letters will print only for those contacts that have the title of 'Doctor'.

Variables: Click Variables to open the Letter Writing Variable Definitions window. Click Save to File to save the changes the letter writing definitions as masters. The masters are accessed by clicking Utilities > Letter Writing Definitions.

Sequence: Once you complete data entry in the current window:

  • If you selected User Defined Sequence you are prompted to define a sort sequence; the Create Sort Sequence window displays.

  • If you selected System Sequence the next window that displays is the Output Device window. Select an output device (screen, printer or disk file) to continue. You are then prompted to select the sequence and range of contacts to be included in the listing.

  • If you selected Batch Sequence the next window that displays is the Print Detailed Listing window. This is an index of all the contacts in your database.

Contacts to be included in the report

Tick the contacts you wish to include on the report by clicking Toggle or [Enter]. When you select a contact, a tick displays to the left of the contact. To de-select a contact, click Toggle or [Enter] again. The tick to the left of the contact disappears indicating the contact has been de-selected.

To continue with the report, after tagging all the contacts required, click OK and the Output Device window displays. Select an output selection (screen, printer or disk file) to continue.

If you select to print the detailed listing to screen, the End of Report buttons display.

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