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Letter Writing Variables List

AE Tax only

This window lists the 30 variables (or accumulators) in CDS, which allow you to define fields that can be used when writing letters. These variables translate into information that may be text, numeric values or dates.

To open the Letter Writing Variable Definitions window click:

  • Utilities (or [Alt+U]) > Letter Writing Definitions, or

  • Reports (or [Alt+R]) > Print Letters > Variables button.

The word ‘Undefined’ displays for those variables that are not yet used. The system definitions are examples only and can be modified to suit your practice.

Highlight the variable you wish to use and click Properties to open the Edit Letter Writing Definition window.

Remove Definition

Choose this option if you wish to remove the definition from the variable. The variable will be reset to ‘undefined’ and may be redefined at a latter stage.

Exiting the Letter Writing Variable Definition Window

Click Cancel and you will be prompted to save any changes made by clicking Yes.

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