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MCS import

This option allows you to select one or more MCS files for import into Tax.

To import the MCS files
  1. (Series 6 & 8) From the Contacts window, click Tools > Tax Settings to open the Desktop.

  2. Open a Fund or SMSF return.

  3. Click UtilitiesMYOB Superfund Import > MCS forms.

  4. From the Select ELS data file(s) for Import index displayed, select the file to be imported.

  5. If required, set the checkbox to delete the source file after it has been imported successfully.

  6. Click OK.




The options

(AE, Series 6 & 8) Select All: Select this to import all the files in the index list.

Clicking Select All a second time does not de-select all the files, selected files must be de-selected one at a time.

Select: Double-click or click [Enter] on the file to select the file. A file which is selected is ticked. Repeat the selection process to de-select the file and exclude it from the import.

Browse: This function allows you to select an alternative folder where the files to be imported are located.

OK: Click OK to accept the files as selected and begin the import.

Close: Exit the function without importing a file.

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