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Number Table Entries

Accountants Enterprise only

The number table stores the types of contact numbers. For example; telephone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers etc.

All system generated Numbers are show a System Required icon. All user defined Numbers do not show a system required icon.

Buttons on the window are:

Properties: Provides detail on an existing name

New: Creates a new name

Delete: Deletes an existing name

Cancel: Exits the window

List: Right click provides access to the List option.

Data entered for each Number Table:

Number: A ten alphanumeric character field; enter a code to index the number item you wish to add. For example, MOBILE1, MOBILE2, AFTERHOURS.

Description: A sixty alpha character field, enter a precise description for the Type of number you are adding. For Example, The description for MOBILE1 might be 'Main Mobile Number'; MOBILE2 might be 'Secondary Mobile Numbers'.

Multiples: This refers to whether you wish to allocate two or more of this particular type code to a contact. For example, if you wish to enter two or more secondary mobile numbers, set this number table so that it allows multiples.

You should not use multiples if you wish to use the number type you are adding in letters, as only the first number will print. Therefore if you wish to use the number type you are adding in letters, and multiples apply, you should set up two number types for example, Phone 1 and Phone 2.

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