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Optimise returns by batch

Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

To run the optimiser for a batch of returns
  1. Click PreparationCalculation > Optimiser.

  2. Select Batch and click OK. The index of returns is displayed

  3. Tick the returns to be processed and click OK.

  4. Complete the Preview/Print screen to nominate the printing options and click OK. Refer to How to Preview a Report.

Index of returns

The index lists all returns in your Tax ledger.

Returns that have been rolled forward from the tax ledger for the previous year but not yet opened in the current ledger may not be included in the Optimiser process. Those returns will show the tax year prefixed to the name of the return.

For each return to be included in the Optimiser process click Select or [Alt+S] to place tick to the left of the return. To remove the tick from a selected return and thereby exclude it from the export, click Select again.

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