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Preparing returns and schedules

The Select Schedule Type index lists all the schedules and worksheets applying to the current open return. Refer to Schedule Index.

F1 Help is available for all forms, schedules and worksheets.

Lodgable column

A Y in the Lodgable column against any schedule indicates that it will be transmitted to the ATO electronically either with the return or as a stand-alone form of schedule.

Worksheets, generic schedules, grids and holding dialogs are never lodged.

A tick next to a schedule:

This indicates that at least one schedule of this type has been attached to the return.

Multiple schedules

Where there's more than one of a schedule, there's an index showing the details of the previous entry as well as buttons allowing you to create more or open an existing one to edit. See Schedules Allowing Multiples.

Sorting the index

The index is initially sorted by the description column. Click the column heading to sort by the schedule code. Tax recognises each schedule by this code and lists schedules by code followed by description for printing purposes. See Schedule Printing.

For a lodged return

You can't add or delete schedules form a lodged return, other than stand-alone forms, such as FBT, and Family Trust and Interposed entity election forms.

Amendment schedule (amd): This schedule is only applicable to lodged returns you need to amend. To do this for income tax returns or activity statements, the status of the form must be Lodged.

The amd is not printed, but Amended precedes the name on the front cover of the form to denote its status.

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