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Print Notes

The Print Notes option is used to print notes attached to returns, that is, schedule notes and to print notes that apply to the assessment details.

How to print a note
  1. From the open return or (AE) from the Select Return index, highlight the return which contains the notes to be printed.

  2. Click Reports > Print Notes.

  3. Select Edit to begin editing.

  4. Enter the details that apply to printing the notes.

  5. Click OK to save the information and continue.

Details for printing the notes

Print Description: Select this checkbox to include the note description.

New Page per Note: Select this checkbox to print each Note on a new Page. Alternatively, leaving it unchecked will print as many notes as will fit on a page.

Code: If this field is left blank, all the notes will be printed.

Otherwise, enter the code of the note to be printed. If the code is not known, click [F10] to display the Schedule Notes index. From the index of schedule notes attached to this return select those you wish to print.

One or more schedule notes may be selected on for inclusion.

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