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Printing Notes

Accountants Enterprise only

This option allows you to print the notes attached to various contacts on your database. Select Reports > Print Notes.

The Output Device window displays. Select an output device of screen, printer or disk file to which to print this report. The Report Selection window will then display.

There are three radio buttons provided for your selection:

  • Contacts

  • Employees

  • Both

By selecting one of these options, you are able to report on the notes attached to the contacts only, employees only or both the contacts and employees on your database. Make a selection and click OK. The Record Selection window displays.

You are then asked to choose the sequence in which you want the notes to be printed.

Options are by:

  • Code, (Contact/Employee)

  • Note Code or

  • By Item


Both Code and Note Code sequences allow you to select a range of codes. The By Item sequence allows you to key in up to 10 separate codes that are not in a range.

Range by Code:

  • enter the contact code; group type (either C for Contact or E for Employee) and the Note code.

  • enter a note code if you require specific notes to be printed.

The default is from first to last and to accept these click [Enter] twice. This means that all notes attached to all contacts in your database will print.

You are then prompted to enter a mask should you require. Click [Enter] to bypass this field if a mask is not required. The notes then print in the manner you specified.

If you select to print notes to screen, the End of Report buttons display.

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