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Quick Add Options

Accountants Enterprise only

Use Alternate Code

An alternate code may be established when adding a name to your database. Checking this option allows you to enter an alternate code in the Add/edit Contacts window.

If you do not wish to use an alternate code, do not tick this option. This code corresponds to the alpha code used for clients in Practice Management Accounting (PMA).

Keep Audit Trail

Tick this option if you wish to maintain an audit trail of all the changes made in Central Database.

Maintain DS6CL010

Tick this option if you wish to maintain the DS6CL010 client file. This checkbox must be activated if any of these applications are loaded in the same directory as Central Database:

  • Tax

  • Practice Management System

These products use the DS6CL010 file so it is necessary to maintain this file. Click OK to exit the Control Record Flags.

Use Quick Add

The Quick Add Wizard can be used when adding contacts to the database. If Quick Add has been selected, the Quick Add Wizard automatically prompts for these details when a new contact is created. For example, if you select Contact Details, Address Book and Relations, the Quick Add Wizard prompts for this information when creating a new contact.

The Quick Add Options are

  • Contact Details

  • Address Book

  • Relations

  • Sort Views

  • Notes

  • Security

  • Credit

You can select to string all of the above options together or only the ones that the practice is using. Click [Alt+Highlighted Letter] to activate the required option or select the required option.

Click OK to save the details within the Options tab.

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