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Return Label Printing

The Return Label Options window is used to select various options for printing return labels for official correspondence.

How to access the Return Label Options
  1. Click Reports > Labels to open the Return Label Options window.

  2. Make your selections for the labels to be printed and click OK to save the details and open the Record Selection window.

  3. Select the sort sequence and range of labels to be printed and click OK to open the Preview/Print window.

  4. Select the required preview or printing options and click OK to commence.

(AE, Series 6 & 8) For an alternate method the Flexi Report function can be used to print labels for returns in Tax.

Return Label Options

Pitch: This refers to the width of characters, or the number of characters per inch. Enter '10' for 10 characters per inch (cpi) or '12' for 12 cpi or select from a list of the available options.

10 cpi will produce larger characters.

Labels across: This refers to the number of labels on each page. Enter this number. Up to 3 can be entered.

Size: This refers to the number of lines to be devoted to each label. Enter 'L' for large, which produces labels 9 lines in length, or 'S' for small, which produces labels 6 lines in length or select from the list of the available options.

When selecting the size and number of labels to be printed on each page, make sure that the number of lines on a page have been taken into account. For example, to print 12 small labels, that is, of six lines each on each page, make sure that the Page Setup selected prints 72 lines of information on each page (the number has to be a multiple of 6). If the Page Setup selected prints only 65 lines, a number not divisible by 6, the last label will be split over two pages.

Because Tax now prevents a label being split over a page break, when designing your Page Setups for printing labels, the 'last line' field should be set to the length of the page. If printing under Windows, the margin sizes should be reviewed to suit the selected stationery.

To change the Page setup, click File > Page setups.

Test prints: This refers to the number of test prints required before the actual printing of the return labels. This will ensure that the page is properly lined up. Accept the default or enter the number of test prints required.

Office Index Mask: Enter an office index mask, if required.

Full stops in initials: Initials are generated from the Given names attached to the return each time the Labels routine is run. These initials can be generated with or without full stops. Select this checkbox to include initials on the labels.

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