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Set VPM Type

AE Tax only

This routine is used to map VPM address and number types to your CDS address and number types.

There are two stages to this process. These are:

  • Normalise a CDS address or number type (read: Normalise Tables) and

  • Set the VPM type.

The Clear button will remove a VPM Type from an address/number. Use this function if you wish to remove a VPM Type.

Setting the VPM type

Once you have normalised the address/number type you wish to map (it will have a tick in the Nml column), click Set and the Set VPM type window displays.

CDS Code: This shows the CDS code that you are going to map.

VPM Type: This will default to the same code as used in CDS. Enter the VPM code you wish CDS to map to.

Also use for Employee:

This routine allows you to map the CDS address / number type, for employee use. CDS allows you to store multiple address and number types against an employee. The VPM database allows only one address and up to four numbers to be stored against an employee. VPM's four numbers are predefined and are as follows:

  • Telephone

  • Fax

  • Mobile

  • Email

If you are mapping an address, click [F10] or the arrow button to open the selection list. The option are address or none. Select address then click OK to save.

If you are mapping a number, again press the[F10] key or select the arrow button to open the selection list. The option are Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Email or None. Make a selection then click OK to save.

Once saved, the address / number will be shown in the Employee column of the CDS to VPM code mapping index.

You are advised not to change this setting except on the direction of an MYOB consultant. Any errors made in association with VPM integration, will require restoring your data to a data back up taken prior to the integration being changed. This may result in loss of data.

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