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Status Level Update for a Single Income Tax Return

The Lodgment Update screen displayed depends on the method monitoring selected in the Control Record > Lodgment Tab. The status selected in this screen will be applied to the main return highlighted in the Return Selection Index and all ELS schedules lodged with that main return.

The Lodgment Update details for the single return may be modified including:

Date: The default date is today's date but may be edited if required. Enter the date in the format DD-MM-CCYY.

Status: Enter the code of the status or click [F10] to select a level from the Status Level index.

Click OK to update the single return.

Status Details

The status level details for a return include:

  • the current status and description,

  • the date the current status was attained,

  • whether the return is considered lodged or not

  • the date lodged if applicable.

This date will appear on the relevant Lodgment Report.

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