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Tax Office Copy PDF Functionality

Links available from this help page:

About the Enhanced PDF Functionality

The Tax Office copy PDF feature is an addition to the existing PDF return printing functionality you currently use. It does not replace the printing functionality but is an additional feature of the software.

The PDF wizard produces one PDF document that includes a copy of all available active ATO schedules, attachments and the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD) in the required order.

Creating a PDF allows you to preview, print, email and save the whole return as a single document. To improve security set an encryption policy for the whole practice on the Control Record Defaults tab or at agent level on the Agent Defaults tab.

When the document is created you can do one or all of the following:

  1. Preview and print the whole PDF document using Adobe Reader

  2. Save the PDF document as a file from either Adobe Reader or the wizard

  3. Send the PDF document to your clients as an attachment via email from the wizard or from your email software after the document is saved

  4. Improve security by applying a password (encryption) to the PDF document

These features are available to provide an additional service to your clients.

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