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Text Letter Writing

Tax contains a set of proforma letters called Master Letters. Many forms and correspondence regularly used by tax agents are contained in the master letters, for example, invoices. Using these letters as the basis for your regular correspondence and reporting will save time for your tax practice.

(AE Tax) Tax Calculator, Tax Tracking and Client Database also contain a proforma letters.

The Master Letters cannot be made to suit the particular needs of your practice until they have been copied over to Practice Letters where their format and information may be modified.

The Practice or Client Letters contain embedded fields.

(AE Tax) For information on these refer to Letter Writing fields. For an index of word processing functions, refer to Word Processing.

To copy Master Letters as Practice Letters
  1. Click MaintenanceLetterWriting > Transfer Master Letters.

  2. Transfer the Master letters to become Practice Letters.


The Format code prompts for a master letter code range to be entered; the default is from first to last. To accept the default click [Enter] twice. If you want to transfer a single master letter and you know the code for it, type the code and click [Enter]. You are then required to enter the code of the master letter again and click [Enter] to continue.

Accepting the defaults (first and last) means that all the master letters will be transferred and become practice letters.


Tax then asks you to select a mask. Enter a mask if this is applicable to your practice.

The mask you key in here operates exactly the same way as an office index mask. For example, let us presume you wished to transfer all the master letters which contain the characters 'List' in their letter code. If you key in the mask *List* (and select to transfer from the first to the last master letter) all those master letters with the characters 'List' in their letter code would be transferred. So master letters such as 'AssList' and 'SList' would be transferred to the practice letters.

If you do not wish to key in a mask, then click [Enter] to bypass this field.


This prompt allows you to select Yes to transfer letters one at a time. The Transfer? prompt will display after each letter is processed.

If you have nominated to transfer two or more Master Letters, select All to complete the process.

If you have previously transferred a master letter(s) and you are transferring it again, or if a letter you are transferring from master letters has the same code as an existing practice letter, Tax asks if you wish to replace the existing practice letter with the master letter. Select Yes to continue.

The Transferring window displays to indicate the routine is running. When the master letter(s) are transferred, you are returned to the main window Tax.

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