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The default toolbars are Standard, Print Preview and Note Editing.

This illustrates the Standard icons added to the toolbar for Cut, Copy, Paste and Add a Note.


Tax also provides a set of icons which you may use to customise toolbars.


How to customise a toolbar
  1. Double-click on ‘empty’ space on the standard toolbar.
  2. Click Customise.
  3. Open the Configure tab.
  4. From the Available Commands: double click the function to be included on the toolbar.
  5. From the Select icon panel scroll right and left through the icons. Double click to associate an icon with the function.

    We recommend that you assign each icon only once.

  6. Click New to move the icon/function pair to the customised toolbar.

  7. Click Close to display the new toolbar.

Toolbar Tab

This tab allows you to add a new toolbar, delete a toolbar (Remove), adjust the position of toolbars (Move Up, Move Down) and to name the toolbars if required.

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