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Update Step of a Return

Accountants Enterprise only

To update a single Step
  1. In the Step Browser, double-click the Step that needs to be updated. The Transaction Browser lists the returns that are at that step.
  2. Right click the required return and select Properties to view and edit the details of a transaction already attached to a return.
  3. Right click the required return and select Properties to view and edit the details of a transaction already attached to a return, or
    Select New to open the Add Transaction dialog and in the Return field select a Return code from a list of returns.
  4. When adding a new transaction the Event, Step, Date Step reached, Next Step, Follow-up date and Completed By fields are pre-filled based on the selection made in the Step Browser.
  5. Only tick the Complete checkbox if the Event is completed. When this checkbox is ticked overdue steps are no longer reported for the Return.
  6. The Issue Date field can be used to record the date an Assessment from the Australian Taxation Office is issued.
  7. The Amount 1 field can be used to record Assessment Balances, Payments Due and so forth.
  8. The Amount 2 field can be used to record PAYG Obligations, GST amounts contained in Amount 1 and so forth.
  9. The Alternate TFN field is a twelve character alpha-numeric field that can be used to store an alternate, or related, Tax File Number or string of characters relevant to the return which can be used as a sorting sequence.
  10. Any additional information that may be required can be recorded in the Comment field.
  11. Click OK to save the data and close the Add Transaction dialog.


Completed By field

The Completed By field defaults to the User ID of the person that updated the return to the Step. If the User ID is also recorded as an employee, the employee name will be the default.

Follow-up date

The Follow-up date is the date when action should be taken, or the Return moved to the next step.

The Follow-up date is calculated by adding the Step's duration to the Event Date or Step Date, depending on which one was selected in the control record.

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