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Update the step

Accountants Enterprise only

A Step is a task that needs to be completed in sequence for an Event to be complete. The data to be updated is presented on the General Tab.

Event: The Event displayed identifies the ledger to which the return belongs. Alternatively, select the Event from the Event Browser.

Step: This is the step that the return has reached.

Step Date: This is the date that the return has reached this step.

Next Step: This is the next step that the return would normally progress to. When updating a return if this is not the step to which you wish to use, enter the code to identify the particular step or click [F10] to select the code from Add a Step.

Duration and Duration Type: These fields combine to define a period of time that a return can stay at the current step before it becomes overdue.

Amount Required: If this checkbox is ticked in the Step Properties, then Amount 1 and Amount 2 may be completed for the return when the return progresses to the step.

State: The state may be ‘not lodged’, ‘sent for signature’ or ‘lodged’.

Title of date: This field is a short description to display in the Step Browser.

Description: This description will display in the Step Browser. Refer to Step Browser.

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