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Verify ATO Listings

This report checks that returns reported as ‘lodged’ on the ATO listing correspond to the returns marked as ‘lodged‘ in Tax. Any discrepancies found are reported.

How to print Verify ATO Listings
  1. Click Lodgment > Verify ATO Listings.

  2. If the query Data Already on file. Delete? is displayed, enter No to maintain the report settings previously saved.

  3. The Verify ATO listings screen is displayed. Select Edit to the first field.

  4. Key in a TFN and click [Enter]. The TFN will be verified.

  5. Key in the ATO level and click [Enter] to add another TFN, or
    when all relevant TFNs are entered, click OK to continue.

  6. At the prompt Commence print run? select Yes to proceed with the routine.

  7. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the printing options. Click OK.

  8. If you have specified particular TFNs for this report, you will be prompted to Retain data? Select Yes to retain the current report settings for the next print.

Discrepancies reported

This report provides one or more of these messages concerning discrepancies:

  • Returns lodged on the ATO listing but not on master. This means that there is a return lodged on the ATO listing that has not been flagged as lodged in Tax.

  • Returns lodged on master but not lodged on the ATO listing. This means that there is a return lodged in Tax which does not appear on the ATO listing.

  • Returns not lodged and not on the ATO listing. This means that the return has not been lodged.

Verify ATO Listing options

Update ALS levels: Tick this checkbox to compare the tax level on the ATO listing with the level in Tax. If it does not correspond, the return is updated with the new level.

Verify Lodgment status: Tick this checkbox to verify that the status of the return is lodged. If it is not, update the return to lodged status.

Lodged as at what date: Enter the date from the ATO listing so that returns lodged after that date will not appear as exceptions. Enter the date in the format DD-MM-CCYY.

If you are printing a listing of returns that are not lodged, click Delete to clear the date from this field. Otherwise, simply enter the date of the ATO listing.

Redefault date due: Tick this checkbox to update the due dates when tax levels have been changed (through the Verify ATO Listing Routine).

If you do not elect to update levels, or if the level of the return in Tax is correct, the due date will not be updated.

Tax File Number: You do not have to key spaces in the TFN, Tax will automatically format them. If the tax file number keyed does not match any return on the system, the following query displays: Tax File Number not on System. Re-key? Answer Yes, or No.

If you have retained a list of TFNs from a previous print then any TFN you enter in the current print are added to the list to be verified.

If no TFNs are specified then all the returns will be verified.

You cannot click OK to proceed to the report from the TFN field. You must click [Tab] or [Enter] so that the TFN is matched against the returns in the ledger before the report can commence.

ATO Level: For each TFN specify the ATO level if any. This is a one character field requiring a number between 0-8. At this field click [Enter] to add another TFN or click OK to indicate the list is complete.

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