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IR3NR Question 20 New Zealand self-employed income

If you received any income from self-employment between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, show it at Question 20.

Prepare a summary of details

You can use:

  • your financial records

  • the Farming income (IR3F) form for agricultural businesses

  • the Business income (IR3B) form for other businesses

  • the Financial statements summary (IR10) form.

Attach one of the above forms to your return and print profit (net income) in Box 20.

IR 10

The Financial statements summary (IR10) is a short form of the financial statements of a business. Use an IR10 and speed up processing of the return. Inland Revenue don’t need a set of financial accounts if you use the IR10. You still need to complete a set of financial accounts and keep them in case Inland Revenue ask for them later.

For help with filling out the IR10, please see the IR10 guide (IR10G).

Keep your receipts with your records in case Inland Revenue ask to see them too.

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