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IR7 Introduction

Read page 4 of your IR7 2019 return for the following information:

  • who must file an IR7 return

  • filing your IR7 return online

  • return due date

  • completing page 1 of the IR7 return

  • nil returns.

Use this guide to help you complete pages 2–3 of your IR7 2019 return. The questions in this guide follow the same numbering as your IR7 return.

For more information on look-through company (LTC) rules, read the Look-through companies (IR879) guide.

How to get our forms and guides

You can view copies of all our forms and guides by going to and selecting “Forms and guides” from the right-hand menu, or by entering the shoulder number in the search box. You can also order copies by calling 0800 257 773.

The information in this guide is based on current tax laws at the time of printing.

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