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IRD Tax Guides 2019

The 2019 Inland Revenue Tax Guides are provided here for your convenience. Click here forIRD Tax Guides 2020.

The Welcome page that displays when you first open the latest release of Tax provides a copy of the current Release Notes. Release notes for all releases will be retained in the online help. These may be opened from the help or from the Tax menu options by selecting Help > Changes and Enhancements. 

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the reproduction of these IRD publications is accurate, Inland Revenue cannot take any responsibility for reliance on them and repercussions thereof. For confirmation, updates or amendments to tax legislation please refer to the Inland Revenue’s website.

Keypoint numbering: The keypoint numbering used in this help reflects the numbering used by Inland Revenue. Where the numbering in our Tax application differs from Inland Revenue we attempt to make this clear. For example in AO Tax the IR4J is numbered from 42–55 whereas Inland Revenue uses the numbers 6–18.

IR215 Guide

IR3 Guide

IR3NR Guide

IR4 Guide

IR4J Guide

IR526 Guide

IR6 Guide

IR7 Guide

IR8 Guide

IR833 Guide

IR9 Guide

IR10 guide

IRGST103 Guide

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