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3. Create Financial Reports

How you produce financial reports depends on the type of ledger you configured.

If you've configured an MYOB Ledger, AccountRight or MYOB Business/Essentials ledger...

Create your financial reports using Statutory Reporter (the Reports tab) in Client Accounting.

To create reports with Statutory Reporter

 When creating reports with Statutory Reporter, there are three tasks:

1. Group the Accounts

In this task, you'll be allocating your accounts to Account Groups (AU) or Tax Account Groups (NZ). This lets you control which account balances display in each section of the financial statement and which balance sheet notes to include in the report by default.

If you're using an MYOB standard chart of accounts, most of the allocation is done for you, but you may want to change where a balance is displayed.

Statutory Reporter remembers any changes made to the account groups, so that you don't need to make the same change in subsequent years for this client.

2. Personalise reports

In this task, you'll enter any non-transaction data to be included in your client's reports. You may also want to modify the style or display of the report and apply rounding.

Statutory Reporter will remember any changes made to the non-transaction data and report options, so that you won't need to make the same change in subsequent years for this client.

3. Print financial statements

In this task, you'll choose which reports you want to preview and print.

After all accounts have been allocated to an account group and any non-transaction data has been entered, in subsequent years all you'll need to do in this stage is print the reports.

When you're ready to begin, go to Allocating accounts to Account Groups

If you have configured a MAS, AE Accounts or AO Classic general ledger...

Use the reporting module within your general ledger software to produce reports.

To produce reports with AE Reporter
  1. Open the client and go to the the Client Accounting > Workpapers tab and, on the TASKS bar, click either Launch MAS or Launch Accounts to open your client's general ledger in the relative software.
  2. Within your MAS or AE Accounts ledger, follow the menu path Reports > Reporter > Generate Reports. AE Reporter opens in a new window.
  3. Select a report and click Print.

To produce reports in AO Classic General Ledger
  1. Open the client and go to the the Client Accounting > Workpapers tab and, on the TASKS bar, click Launch AO Classic.
  2. From your client's general ledger, click Reports and select Print Financial Reports.
  3. Complete the steps of the wizard to choose the reports you want to print, then click Print.

If you're not sure...

If you're not sure which type of ledger has been configured, there's an easy way to check.

To check which ledger has been configured
  1. Open the client record and go to the Client Accounting > Workpapers tab.
  2. Check the Ledger type in the Configured Ledger Details table.

    If the Ledger type is MAS, AE Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger, the Reports tab will be greyed out. This indicates that you need to use AE Reporter to produce a report.

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