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Adding financial statements to Document Manager

If Document Manager is installed, then the financial statements can be added to Document Manager.

To add the financial statements to Document Manager
  1. Preview the financial statement for the client. See Previewing financial statements. The Report Preview window opens.
  2. Click Share it. This is located on the Report Preview window toolbar. The Create Document Wizard opens.
  3. On the Details tab, review and edit the information as required:
    • Contact — the contact associated with the financial statements is automatically selected.

    • Title — the title provides a short description which can be used to identify the document. The title indicates the client name and financial period the financial statements have been produced for.

    • Author the username of the user currently logged in. Click the ellipse button to change the author.

    • Status — the status of the document.

    • Document Type — the type of document being imported into Document Manager. The default document type is PDF.

    • Date Created — the date the financial statements were created. To change the date, select a new date from the drop-down calendar.

    • Source — the Outbound option is used if the document is being sent from the practice and the Inbound option is used if it has been received.

  4. Click Next to go to the Profiling tab.
  5. On the Profiling tab, review and edit the information as required:
    • Filing Cabinet — from the drop-down, select a Filing Cabinet in which to store the new document.
    • Assignment — if the selected Filing Cabinet has assignments, select an assignment from the drop-down. If the selected Filing Cabinet does not have assignments, the Assignment field will be inactive.

    • Category — Click the ellipse button to select Category fields for the PDF report. Enter the Value for each category.

  6. Click Finish to close the wizard. The financial statements will be imported into Document Manager.
    See theImporting for more information on importing files into Document Manager.
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